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Appointments at Island Nutrition

What happens at an appointment?

The Dietitian will perform a comprehensive, individualised nutrition assessment of the client and the nutritional problem. Jointly with the client they will plan and create a practical, realistic nutrition intervention using up to date clinical evidence. Monitoring and evaluation of an individual’s progress will occur over subsequent visits with the Dietitian.


Do I need a referral?

Referrals are not required but are preferable to ensure we are able to give you an optimal consultation. Most physicians will be more than happy to provide a referral.


Even without a referral we will usually request a recent report or lab results from your GP to ensure we have your most up to date health information.

You may self-refer but it is always best that your physician is aware which healthcare professionals you are seeing. We will usually send a report to your GP after your initial assessment, unless you specifically request us not to.


How do I get a referral?

Your GP, other physician or a registered healthcare provider can send a referral letter, email or referral form to the Dietitians at Island Nutrition.

They can fax it to 295-5245 or email to or

Click for our referral form

Is Island Nutrition covered by my insurance?

Island Nutrition is a Registered Healthcare provider and is recognised by all the local health insurers.

Since January 2019 our services are covered in full (no copays) by all local insurers.

No show and cancellation charges are not covered by your insurance company and are the sole responsibility of the patient.

How much will it cost me?

For Medical Nutrition by a Registered Dietitian at Island Nutrition there is NO COPAY to the client as Island Nutrition is an approved provider of Home Medical Services under the standard health benefit.

Island Nutrition strives to provide access to the highest quality of Medical Nutrition to our population. We are currently approved to provide Medical Nutrition Services under the Standard Health Benefit (SHB) and as such our fees are regulated and no co-pays are allowed to be taken.


As such our current rates can be found on the Bermuda Health Council Website


Or the following link

Since January 2019 our services are covered in full (no copays) by ALL local insurers including HIP, Futurecare, GEHI, BF&M, Argus and CG (previously Colonial)

How long is an appointment?

Typically an initial in-office appointment will take 60-75 minutes. This allows us to undertake a detailed, individual assessment and create a practical, personalised diet plan for you.

Follow-up in-office appointments are typically 20-35 minutes, although if you need more or less time then this will be determined on an individual basis.

Out of office Initial appointments are 60-75 minutes

Out of office Follow-up appointments are typically 30-45 minutes

I need a home visit. Will this cost me more?

Island Nutrition is an approved provider of Home Medical Services under the standard health benefit so there is NO COPAY to the client.


Is there any paperwork for new patients?

All new patients must complete some paperwork with their basic information, insurance details and no show policy.

A copy of this form is here should you wish to print and complete before you arrive  Click here for Registration form


What is the No Show and Late Cancellation policy?

Island Nutrition has a 48hr cancellation policy. Clients will be charged $150 for a no show and $75 for late cancellations

These charges are not covered by insurance and you will be required to pay these in full

A NO SHOW is when a patient does not show up for their scheduled appointment without contacting the office. A No show will be subject to a $150 no show fee.

Appointments which are cancelled with less than 48 hours notice will be subject to a $75 LATE CANCELLATION fee. We understand that situations arise in which you must cancel your appointment. It is therefore requested that if you must cancel your appointment you provide more than 48 hours notice. This will enable for another person who is waiting for an appointment to be scheduled in that appointment slot.

If your appointment falls on a Monday, please contact us before 10am on the preceding Friday


If your appointment falls after a holiday, please contact us before 10am on the preceding working day

If you are delayed and cannot make an appointment on time, please call to advise us of your situation and provide an estimated time of arrival. We may still be able to accommodate you. Any significant delay may require the visit to be rescheduled.

No show and cancellation charges are not covered by your insurance company and are the sole responsibility of the patient.

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