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At Island Nutrition we offer a variety of groups and events at different times. Information about upcoming groups and events can be found below:

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X-PERT Prevention and Management of Diabetes group programmes


Our 6 week X-PERT Diabetes program will provide all the information you need to manage your diabetes or reduce your risk of developing it.

Sessions are fully covered by all local insurance providers but please note participants must attend all 6 sessions and your insurance will not cover any no shows.

These programmes are available at different times throughout the year AND can be scheduled for individual families and workplaces

X-PERT programmes provide structured education that has been shown to be effective in improving health and quality of life outcomes in

people with existing and newly diagnosed Diabetes and those who may be at risk of developing Diabetes.

Clinical trial results and audit results of 16,031 patients shows X-PERT significantly

  • Improves: Glycaemic control, Cholesterol levels, Quality of life, Dietary intake, Physical activity and Empowerment

  • Reduces: Diabetes medication, Blood pressure, Body weight, Waist circumference and Risk of complications

Our Dietitians will educate you on a variety of dietary approaches to empower you to take control and self-manage your diabetes. The X-PERT philosophy is evidence based, patient-centred and empowering, adult education.


The X-PERT program provides 15 hours of structured, group-based education consisting of 6 weekly sessions, each lasting 2 ½ hours, plus individual comprehensive initial assessment and appropriate follow-up. Participants must attend all 6 sessions.

The program is based on the latest scientific evidence and can help you to improve your health and quality of life. You may even be able to reverse your diabetes or stop the progression altogether!

Please email to schedule your individual family or workplace sessions

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